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Tracy Fast

President and Chief Health Officer of F.A.S.T.co Executive Health Management​,​ Tracy Fast is recognized as one of the most versatile health and wellness professionals in the field, serving some of Canada’s most successful CEO’s and business owners.

Tracy’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch a​ ​first company early in her career. In addition to pioneering student/athlete Sport, Fitness & Wellness programs out of the University of British Columbia, Tracy launched F.A.S.T.co, a thriving Health Management company specializing in the support of high level, professionally driven individuals in the attainment of optimal health.

Tracy graduated from UBC in 1996 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Kinetics (BHK). With 30 years of experience in ​high level sport, ​health & wellness, her unique skillset and passionate approach to human performance has opened many doors, establishing international experience – having lived and worked in the US, Mexico, Malaysia and the UAE.

A proud member of the military charity Canada Company, Tracy has close friends in Law Enforcement, Firefighting and the Canadian Armed Forces.  Tracy’s passion and ambitions are to support her loved ones, friends and all first responders by advocating for and serving on the Board of Honour House.

Tracy lives in Vancouver and is married to a Combat Engineer currently serving his 26th year in the Canadian Armed Forces​.